DJH Retired!

DJH Consulting is the creator of the Salesforce applications Volunteers for Salesforce and Auctions for Salesforce, and was a lead developer on Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack.  DJH Consulting is not a company; just David Habib, doing pro-bono volunteer technical work for nonprofits since 2000.  I officially retired in 2018, and I am no longer taking on new projects.  I gifted Volunteers for Salesforce to Salesforce.org back in 2016.  I still am the official publisher of Auctions for Salesforce, but I have not been making any enhancements to it since 2019, and I hope to find someone who would like to take ownership of the application.

This site holds documentation, videos, faq’s, etc. for Auctions for Salesforce, but I am unable to provide any direct support.  Unfortunately, when the Power of Us Hub was integrated back into Salesforce’s Trailblazer Community, they removed the Auctions for Salesforce group.  So please refer to all of the documentation to get your questions answered, and if you are having problems with the payment processor, please contact them!

Volunteers for Salesforce

Auctions for Salesforce

Serving Non-Profits

DJH Consulting is an official Salesforce ISV Partner, focused on bringing solutions to the nonprofit community.  DJH Consulting has provided service to a multitude of nonprofits since 2000, including:

  • Alliance for Climate Education
  • Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Child Care Resources
  • Climate Solutions
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Eastside Pathways
  • Facing The Future
  • Housing Resource Group
  • New Futures
  • Groundwire (formerly ONE/Northwest)
  • Passages Northwest
  • Phantom Lake Club
  • Pioneer Counseling Services
  • Poets Against War
  • Powerful Voices
  • Program for Early Parent Support
  • Rainier Athletes
  • Rainier Scholars
  • RiteCare of Washington
  • Salesforce Foundation grantees
  • Seattle SCORES
  • Social Venture Partners
  • Surpass Education
  • Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond (SPEB)
  • Washington State Child Care Resource & Referral Network
  • Washington Environmental Council
  • Youth Eastside Services
  • over 50,000 nonprofits who use Salesforce
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