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Announcing Auctions for Salesforce version 4

I am happy to announce that I’ve just released a major upgrade to Auctions for Salesforce, version 4, to the AppExchange.  To entice you to upgrade, here are some of the new feature hilights:

  • Complete support for the Non Profit Starter Pack
  • Support for Households
  • Integration with credit card processors in the Ticket wizard
  • Usability improvements in Check In and Check Out pages
  • Help panel added to all custom pages
  • A new Donated Item Converter Wizard
  • Over 40 enhancement requests addressed!

And if you are still on version 2, then you are missing out on an even larger set of great new features!

Please check out https://djhconsulting.com/auctions-for-salesforce/ for all of the details, including Documentation, FAQ’s, Release Notes, and Videos.

Here’s the AppExchange listing:




Salesforce MVP

I was recently chosen to become a Salesforce MVP!

From Salesforce:

This program recognizes exceptional individuals within the salesforce.com community & social channels for their leadership, knowledge and ongoing contributions.  This is a select group, chosen three times a year, that exemplify the Salesforce community.  

Salesforce MVP Logo

Thank You Former Colleagues!

My former colleagues at Groundwire recently hosted a thank you party for me, and presented me with this great Wordle.

DJH Wordle


I liked it so much I just had to share it out, but I’ll probably have to reduce the size of “Humble” now!

Thanks Everyone!


Practicing with Auctions before the event

The contents of this post have been replaced with the Practicing with Auctions PDF available on the Auctions for Salesforce Documentation page.

Caroline Renard works with arts organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and has been using Auctions for Salesforce since it was first released in spring 2010. You can find out more about her at http://www.carolinerenard.com/

Thanks Caroline for sharing your great expertise!

Microsoft Alumni Foundation 2012 Integral Fellows video

The Microsoft Alumni Foundation just released its nominations request for 2013, and provided videos of the 2012 Integral Fellows finalists and winners.  Here is my video.



Welcome Volunteers for Salesforce

With the restructuring of Groundwire, I am now hosting the Volunteers for Salesforce website, providing all of the documentation, videos, FAQ’s, and manuals.  Please check out Volunteers for Salesforce and all of its pages.

Volunteers for Salesforce

Welcome Auctions for Salesforce

With the restructuring of Groundwire, I am now hosting the Auctions for Salesforce website, providing all of the documentation, videos, FAQ’s, and manuals.  Please check out Auctions for Salesforce and all of its pages.

Auctions for Salesforce