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Auctions for Salesforce Features

Auctions for Salesforce offers tools integrated deeply into Salesforce for managing information and tasks related to running fundraiser auctions. The application is designed with an understanding of the fast pace of auction night and the need for the management tool to keep up.

Donated Items

Track the Donated Items that people donate to your auction, including their fair market value and any restrictions the items have.  You can easily create the Auction Item to sell at the same time.

New Donated Item Wizard

Auction Items

Auction Items can be a single Donated Item, or a collection of Donated Items put together.  For example a gift basket containing items from multiple donations.  The system automatically keeps track of the fair market value of all the Donated Items going into the final Auction Item.

Auction Item Detail Page


Track the tickets you sell to your auction, as well as who will be sitting with whom at which table.  For each guest, track their meal preference, bid number, and any other custom fields you decide to add.



During the auction, you can quickly enter all of the winning bids into Salesforce directly, allowing you to later provide receipts and totals for each guest. Purchases can even include pure donation items like a “Raise the Paddle” pledge.


Check In

Auctions provides a Check In page that you can use during your event to check people in and save their  credit card information for later use.  Auctions knows who is sitting with whom, but also handles people who you don’t know about who show up at your event.


Check Out

Auctions provides a Check Out page that quickly shows you what your guest has purchased, and how much they owe.  With payment integration with Click & Pledge and Brickwork by iATS you can charge their credit card right from the Check Out page.


Auction Receipts

During Check Out you can print a receipt of all purchases (including tickets) for a specific guest.  You can also print out receipts for all guests in batch, if you decide to do it after the auction.


Other Features

  • Manage cash sponsorships
  • Easily export any information on Auction Items to produce your bid sheets
  • Take credit cards and process payments through integrations with payment processors Click & Pledge and Brickwork by iATS
  • Easy assignment of Bid Numbers to all your guests anytime before your auction
  • Over 19 reports to help you fully manage and understand all of your auction related information.
  • Complete support for the Non Profit Starter Pack
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